Compassionate Quickbooks Setup and Training and Bookkeeping Services
For Non-Profits & Small Businesses
Rachel Trueblood

Rachel Trueblood

Rachel Trueblood

Discover “Peace of Mind” Bookkeeping for Your Small Business Through Rachel Trueblood’s Compassionate Quickbooks Setup and Training, Bookkeeping Training & Consulting

  • Make your business life easy and worry-free
  • Take the mystery out of Quickbooks
  • Save big over having a C.P.A. do it all for you.

Services Offered


I brainstorm with you to discover the unique requirements of YOUR business and we work together to set up a highly personalized and user-friendly accounting system that addresses all your needs.

  • Discover simple, customized strategies that make your busy business life flow
  • Get your business up and running in Quickbooks fast
  • Get your big messes cleaned up with kindness & understanding
  • Get neglected finances and record keeping untangled
  • Have your financial information prepared for your C.P.A.
  • Get support in designing office systems that fit your needs
  • Get fast, effective answers to your bookkeeping & Quickbooks questions
  • Feel secure in being able to call for ongoing telephone support anytime
  • Specializing in small businesses and non-profits
  • Know our conversations are all completely confidential


A Real World Client’s Experience of Being Trained by Rachel Trueblood

“I volunteered to do the bookkeeping for a small non-profit I am a board member of, but I don’t have any bookkeeping training. I needed to be able to generate year-end statements for my board of directors and contribution statements for the donors, but as a small non-profit we weren’t able to afford an accountant.

I had no idea what to do.  I was paralyzed with worry and stress and was unable to enter the financial data because I knew I was doing it wrong.  I knew it was possible, but I didn’t know how to get there.

Our non-profit agreed to hire Rachel to train me in Quickbooks.  Rachel’s compassionate presence put my fears to rest.  She was a godsend.  Her patient, step by step instruction was extraordinarily valuable in learning Quickbooks.  She set up an accounting system for my small non-profit and taught me to do my do own  record keeping so I could generate the reports I needed.

You wouldn’t think bookkeeping would be fun, but it sure was when Rachel was teaching me.  The relaxation I felt working with her was extraordinary.  When we were done I had thorough written instructions and I felt competent and able to accomplish accurate bookkeeping and meet my bookkeeping goals with ease. Now I do all my own daily bookkeeping data entry, bank reconciliations and record keeping.  Rachel even showed me how to work much faster and more professionally with Word and Excel documents.  She thoroughly understands small business administration and taxes and, when appropriate, offers useful pointers about running an office.

Knowing that Rachel is only a phone call away is an ongoing comfort.  She’s always available to answer even the smallest question, and she always makes me feel that my most tentative questions are greeted with enthusiasm and supportive answers.

I enthusiastically encourage you to call Rachel for help in setting up all your small business needs.  Don’t hesitate to call me to ask any confidential questions you may have about Rachel.”

– Julia Steiner, Boulder, CO  303-665-2680

Are You Planning to Sell Your Business?

  • Having transparent, pristine accounting is vital to having a sellable business.
  • Discover how to make your books attractive to the buyer.
  • It is legally required that your financial statements be complete and accurate.


Need to Transition from Sole Proprietorship to Sub-S Corporation?

Are you paying way too much to the IRS in Self-Employment taxes?  Rachel will guide you through the multi-layered process of “upgrading” your business to an S Corporation to save money.

Current and Previous Businesses Rachel Trueblood Has Set Up Business and Accounting Systems For and Has Worked With

About Rachel

  • Highly Professional
  • Skilled
  • Fast
  • Patient
  • Compassionate
  • Excellent Communication Skills
  • Confidential
  • Excellent Writing Skills
  • Keen-Eyed Editing Services
  • Exceedingly Honest
  • Supportive
  • Fun to Work With

Why Bookkeeping?

  • Keep the IRS happy
  • Keep track of your customers & vendors & how to contact them & create statements
  • Keep score of whether you’re making or losing money

Are You Planning to Sell Your Business?

  • Having transparent, pristine accounting is vital to having a sellable business.
  • Discover how to make your books attractive to the buyer.
  • It is legally required that your financial statements be complete and accurate.

Rachel Trueblood
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